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Baltimore band signed to Topshelf Records. They are described as "taking cues from peers and predecessors like Makeout Party, The Jealous Sound, The Early November, Seahaven and Northstar alike. Full-length release early 2013.

Thrash Metal band formed in an 1984 (disbanded in 1988) from Baltimore, MD… featured Nothingface and Hellyeah guitarist Tom Maxwell…

How many times have you heard the "…they were a great band, but after their release in 198x they mysteriously disappeared…" story??? If you're into eighties metal, especially thrash, I'd say you heard stories such as this one many times. Well, (unfortunately) the Have Mercy story is also one of them, at least in a way…
Have Mercy was a great thrash metal band, which started and disbanded already in the Eighties. Their music consisted of great thrash riffing, wild guitar soloing and high-pitched vocals (at least most of the time). Yes, you guessed right - this was, indeed, a killer combination. Hence, Have Mercy was often compared to bands such as Agent Steel, but as you probably already know, every band is special in it's own way, and this rule surely applies to Have Mercy more than to any other band.
Fortunately in their quite short time of exsistence Have Mercy managed to release a few demos and even an EP, but on the other hand, it was even a greater shame that they didn't get a chance to release at least one whole album – they disbanded instead…

Lonnie Fletcher- Vocals, Tom Maxwell- Guitar, Dave Brenner- Guitar, Rob Michael-Bass & Vocals, John Grden-drums

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  • 2010 – present (10 years)
  • Baltimore, Maryland, United States

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