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Hari Maia is a Brazilian musician, composer, producer who works with experimental sounds, soundtracks, synthesizers and ambient sounds.

Previously as a project of: Noise, Power Electornics, Industrial (…) Hari Maia moves from the heavy to the ambient sounds and experimental in his songs. As a project, Hari Maia began to release Harsh Noise in mid-2012 by signing under his own name. Several changes have been made, both in the sound and in the ideologies of the albums. It portrayed, basically, conflicts and manifestations strongly reinforced by his aggressive and distorted vocal. He released his albums of Harsh Noise/Power Electronics by national and international record labels.

Currently, Hari Maia leaves the aggressive sounds and composing now: Ambient, Experimental, Drone Music, but this time, producing as a composer not as a project, anymore.

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