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Hardrock is a talented, up-and-coming, 18-year-old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia.

He is known for his unique vocal delivery over many production styles, from Atlanta trap and sample-heavy trap to a more ambient, often psychedelic style of trap. Little is known about him and his past, but he has publicly said he has taken inspiration and influence from artists, Future, Young Thug, and Playboi Carti.

He often works on production by members of groups Vanguard Music Group and underworld online. He has also worked on production by Ginseng, Charlie Shuffler, Xaynor, and F1LTHY.

Hardrock is currently part of his TTS group, or Top Tier Shit, with artists wavysrevenge and Zukenee. He is also known for making music with tana, sgpwes, midwxst, vamp leek, Nezzus, Rollin Thrax, southsidesilhouette, and more.

His new full-length release, “1of1,” was released August 18th, 2023.

Top Tracks
3) bleh
4) Fukoff
8) 1of1
9) WA\VE
10) Inferno
11) madmax
13) poet

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