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There are two artists that perform under the name Guts:

(1.) Fabrice Franck Henri, a hip-hop producer from France. (2.) a pop punk band from Las Vegas, NV.

(1.) Originally concealed in the credits of the record covers under the heading “composition and production”, Guts secured his fame as a beatmaker by trimming the soundtrack of Alliance Ethnik, Big Red or the Svinkels.

In solo since 2007 and his album “Le Bienheureux”, he then expanded his musical palette with “Freedom”, a darker but also more released record released on his own label Pura Vida. Exiled in Ibiza is From his Balearic Island that he will publish in 2011 “Paradise For All”, on the label which is Still to this day, Heavenly Sweetness.

Since hip hop broke into his life, somewhere in the 1980s, Guts has devoted it all his time and energy. So in 2014, by the richness and quality of the sources used, made him the producer he is. From these studio sessions is born “Hip Hop After All”.

Pushing back his perpetual musical exploration to the electro-funk, the afro-disco, space jazz, Guts didn’t forbid anything to compose ETERNAL, an album released in 2016. Then he will be releasing their EP “Stop The Violence” in 2017.

In 2019, it was initially the idea of ​​a return to his basics of beatmaker which had settled in the spirit of Guts. A return to samplers and sequencing. Cut, pitch, filter, cut again, program, deconstruct to build better.

Then, this return to beatmaking, Guts finally put it back below his stack of ideas and has made another, that of making an album radically different from previous. An Afro-tropical album : PHILANTROPIQUES out on March 29th.

(2.) GUTS is a Las Vegas based band formed in 2012. Consisting of 5 friends from various Las Vegas local bands including Love It Or Leave It, Last Year's Forecast, Bingo!, Rivalries to name a few. Finally creating a band they've all wanted to be in, up-beat and in your face pop-punk with tongue in cheek to the early to mid 2000's. Their first self release, Hesitation, available for free August 14, 2012. On August 7, 2020 they released a compilation album dubbed "We're Not Kids Anymore" which is a Collection of Songs from 2012-2017.

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