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There are at least two bands and one solo artist with the name Grog. A Portuguese death metal one and Czech hard rock one are the bands and the solo artist is also the lead singer with the band Die So Fluid.

Origin: Portugal (Oeiras)
Formed in: 1991. They haven´t recorded a new record since 2001, but are still playing on festivals etc.

Rolando Barros - Drums (Nephtys, Neoplasmah, Sacred Sin, The Firstborn, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium)
Ivo Martins - Guitar (ex-Painstruck, Putregod)
Pedro Pedra - Vocals
Hugo Andremon - Guitar (Simbiose, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, The Sorcerer , Hellfuck)
Alexandre Ribeiro - Bass (Bleeding Display, Neoplasmah, Neurotic)

The Bluuaaarrrgghh Rehearsal - Demo, 1992
A Nauseating Sweet Taste - Demo, 1993
95 Stabwounds in your throat - Single, 1994
Promo Tape '94 - Demo, 1994
Macabre Requiems - Full-length, 1996
Regurgitape - Demo, 1999
Madness Horror And Guts Live - Live album, 2000
Odes to the Carnivorous - Full-length, 2001

The Czech band Grog plays music which can be described as hard rock or heavy metal. Currently (May 2009), they are successful with their song "Visalaje" in a chart of local radio Hey!.