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There are multiple artists named Grim:

1) GRIM (aka GRIM) is an obscure power electronics / noise solo project formed by Jun Konagaya (aka The Howling of Himalaya). Jun’s sound change its mood and athmosphere in seconds. From extreme harsh and hard power electronic noise-walls to ingenious folk songs and tunes as you know it from Charles Manson. In the early 1980s Jun formed White Hospital together with Tomasada Kuwahara. They released one album titled "Holocaust" in 1984 and split. At that time Jun had already released the "Vital" tape as GRIM. Kuwuhara moved on to form Vasilisk (with Yukio Nagoshi) while Jun continued as GRIM releasing: "Vital" (1983, Cass), "Amaterasu" (1985, 7"), "Folk Music" (1986, LP), "Message" (1987, 12"), "Field Work of Em'pire" (1989, Cass / C30), "The Past Is Still in Current Use" (1999, CD comp), "Folk Songs for an Obscure Race" (2009, CD comp'), "5eyes" (2010, Cass), "Vital 1983-89" (2011, 3xLP comp'), "Psycho Sun" (2013, CD) and "Love Song" (2013, LP).

2) Grim is a hardcore band from Limburg, Belgium, formed by members of Rebuild, Get Wise and Trapped Inside. They débuted with "Demo 2012" (Summer 2012), which is available free on their Bandcamp:

3) Grim is a rapper - aka Grimm (The Itchy Trigger Finger Niggas) and Grimm (The Itchy Trigger Finger Ni**as) - who performed "My Last Request", which featured on the soundtrack of the film "Human Traffic". The track was written by D. Douglas and M. Hamilton.

4) Grim is a band from Leuven, Belgium. Official site:

5) Grim is a Montenegro rock band, with a modern tone. Founded by in 1999 in Podgorica by Nebojša Đukanović (vocals, guitar, songwriting, composition) and Igor Perović (piano). Other members include: Vladimir Popović (drums), Darko Mihailović (bass) and Dragan Miljanović (guitar). Their most popular songs are: "Rijeka Moga Sna", "Eleonora" and "Dina". They have released an album, "Neomedjeni", followed by three music videos for: "Dina", "Rijeka Moga Sna" and "Idi Sam".

6) Grim is a project by Thomas Eversole from United States, producing , which débuted with "Scepter of Blood" (1999). Official site:

7) Grim is an project of Norwegian producer Erik K Veland, aka GenErik.

8) Grimis a heavy metal band from Russia, active in 2004-07.

9) Grimis a rock band from Koprivnica, Croatia. Myspace:

10) Grim is a Japanese / band. Official sites:

11) Grim is a Swedish dungeon synth project, active in the mid to late 1990s.

12) Grim is a metal band from Springfield, IL, United States, self-described as a soundtrack to an exorcism. Myspace:

13)Grim was a dark ambient project of Alexya "Nacht" Varney (Vampyr, Carpathia, Wolfhammer…)

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