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Good Riddance (sometimes abbreviated GR) is a punk rock band from Santa Cruz, California. They released seven full-length studio albums on Fat Wreck Chords, and their final album was a live recording of their farewell concert in 2007. Led by vocalist Russ Rankin, the band's longtime lineup included guitarist Luke Pabich, bassist Chuck Platt, and drummer Sean "SC" Sellers. Their sound was influenced by the hardcore punk scene and the band was known for their combination of fast punk with catchy melodies. Lyrical themes vary from political protests and critical analyses of American society to personal struggles and alienation.

The band reunited in February 2012, with a new album to be released in 2015.

  • Info
  • 1986 – present (36 years)
  • Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County, California, United States
  • Chuck Platt (1994 – present)
    David Wagenschutz (2001 – 2005)
    Luke Pabich (1986 – 2007)
    Russ Rankin (1986 – 2007)
    Sean Sellers

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