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There are two artists using the name "Gob".

1) Gob is a punk band from Burnaby, British Columbia formed in 1994. Their single I Hear You Calling was featured on Electronic Arts’s NHL 2002 video game. Other songs that have been featured in EA video games are Give Up the Grudge (Madden 2004), Oh! Ellin (NHL 2004), I’ve Been Up These Steps (NHL 2003), and Sick With You (NHL 2003). The band has appeared on several outdoor music festivals, the most well-known being Vans Warped Tour.

The roots of Gob trace back to Theo Goutzinakis (guitars, vocals) and Tom Thacker (guitars, vocals) meeting in high-school in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. There are rumors that the two had dated the same girl, though not simultaneously. With the addition of drummer Patrick Paszana, known to fans as “Wolfman Pat”, and bassist Kelly Macauley, the band released its self-titled, nine-track EP in 1994.

Due to personal differences, Kelly was replaced by Jamie Fawkes and in 1995 Gob released Too Late… No Friends. The album was a major breakthrough and saw the band earn a large following due to their unique videos, constant touring and their frenetic live performances. Shortly after releasing their first album, Gob released another limited-edition Green Beans and Almonds 7-inch containing four songs.

After allegedly abandoning the band mid-tour, leaving Gob to play the remaining dates as a three-piece, Jamie was asked to leave and was temporarily replaced by Happy Kreter, a friend of the band, until a permanent replacement was found in Craig Wood. In 1997, a 7-inch Gob/McRackins split release was pressed, along with Ass Seen on TV, a Gob/Another Joe split release.

As Gob begun work on their second album, Pat had a daughter and decided to leave the band to spend time with his family. Gabe Mantle (formerly of Vancouver hardcore band Brand New Unit) took over on drums, and the band recorded How Far Shallow Takes You. The album had a darker, more personal tone and had a heavier sound than Gob had produced in the past. The album sold well in Canada, and the band obtained a strong loyal fanbase. Singles from the album included “Beauville” and “What To Do”.

Gob covered The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black”, which was featured in the film, Stir of Echoes starring Kevin Bacon and can be heard in the 2004 miniseries ’Salem’s Lot.

The band released The World According To Gob, in 2001. This album was Gob’s most successful album to date. The sound took a slight departure from their early punk rock sound and displayed growth in their songwriting and in their musicianship. Singles released from WATG include “For The Moment”, “I Hear You Calling”, and “No Regrets”.

In 2002, Gob recorded the F.U. EP, “Ming Tran” was released as a single for the EP which also featured re-recorded version of a classic Gob song “Soda”, 2 exclusive tracks, “L.A Song”, “Sick With You” as well as new tracks from the forthcoming full-length Foot In Mouth Disease, which was released on Arista Records in April 2003. Singles from Foot in Mouth Disease included “Give Up The Grudge” and “Oh! Ellin”.

In 2004, Wood left the band to play guitar for Canadian superstar Avril Lavigne. The band have since recruited a bassist known only to fans as “Peter Pan” or, more commonly, Tyson, as Gob’s members are on a ‘first-name basis’ with their fans. (All albums credit the musicians simply by their first names, as well.)

In early 2009 the band toured Canada, after which, in April, Tom joined up with Sum 41 for their Japanese and US tour.

In an interview with AMP Magazine, guitarist Theo Goutzinakis has revealed that the band already started writing for their next album, which will be probably released in 2010. Tom has also revealed that he and Theo are currently in the studio, producing the first record by new Vancouver alternative rock band Floodlight.

Gob's official fansite:

Gob (The Canadian Band)

2) Gob was also a sludgey noise rock / hardcore band (with later leanings to a more aggressive, power-violence sound) from the Reno, Nevada featuring now guitarist of Iron Lung, Jon Kortland.

They released two full lengths, "Winkie" (1993) and "The Kill Yourself Commandment" (1999), one self titled 7”, split 7”s with Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Sloth, Wink Martindale, Designer, Loadstar and Freakazoid Robot 2000, a split 5” with Spazz, a single sided 7" and featured on many compilations.