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Glen Porter (Ryan Stephenson, January 15, 1983 - June 29, 2018) was an American hiphop beat producer and guitarist.

He started flirting with music as a teen in the 90’s playing the trombone, piano, and guitar. Later with the help of friends he was encouraged to start producing music electronically with the use of samples and his own instruments.
His sound blends psychedelia with surf rock energy, guitars, abstract hip hop sounds, breaks, and western to a unique melange that will appeal to all music lovers for listening and dancing alike. His debut solo album “Blessed By A Young Death” was released on 15th April 2008.

Top Tracks
3) 5AM
8) Yours
10) Satire
12) ave.
15) Sunset
17) Suffer
19) Release
20) Um
25) Goodbye

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