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Several artists have released recordings under the name of Gas: two electronic music composers, Wolfgang Voigt and Mat Jarvis, furthermore a Japanese band, a rock band from Germany, and lastly an band from Sweden.

1) GAS is the project of Wolfgang Voigt of Kompakt Records, Cologne, who created hypnotic, bass-driven ambient/minimal techno on the German label Mille Plateaux. Says Voigt of his music: '(This is) music without beginning and without end, cushioned contours that fall softly into the space that seem to overrule temporal schemes. GASeous music, caught by a bass drum just marching by that streams, streams out through the underwood across the forest soil.'
Read more on Wolfgang Voigt on Wikipedia.
Kompakt (DE)

2) Mat Jarvis records as Gas and High Skies. He is an electronic artist who released the Gas 0095 CD on em:t records, which has become highly collectable. It has now been remastered and re-released on Jarvis' own Microscopics label.
Microscopics (UK).

3) Gas (japanese hardcore band) were from Hiroshima and played hard, driving hardcore which helped define early Japanese hardcore. They first released their No More Hiroshima 7″ flexi (jitsatsu) in '83. After this came out, they relocated to Tokyo and got a new singer and guitar player and released The Day After 7″ flexi. More member changes (including Tatsu of GASTUNK) were to come and the release of an LP and an apperance on the infamous "The PUNX" compilation cassette (with G.I.S.M. COBRA and LIP CREAM) They broke up in 1986 and seem to be back together presently, playing live in Japan.

4) GAS (german Rock band) are from Cuxhaven in Northern Germany.
Gas-Rock (DE).

5) Gas (Slovak rock band) are from Prievidza in middle/west Slovakia. Band plays power rock based on grunge, stoner rock and crossover. They also play some Rage Agains The Machine covers on their powerful concerts. Members: Juraj Chvastek - vocals, Jan Chvastek - bass, Igor Rybnikar - guitar, Miro Michale - drums. website:

6) Gas (Deathgrind from Estonia) - Formed By The Perverted Priest … In 2004 as a studioproject. Same year released first demo "Dawn ov Genocide" as a split with other Estonian metal bands("The Four Fists of Armageddon" by Hexenreich Records). After the release 3 years silence since reactivated again in 2007 with support by Sodomizer on bass/vox and Mr. Skullfucked Maniac on guitar/vox. Band became also a live act with already some lives behind. New Material is more Death/Grind a future release is planned for 2008.

7) Gas is a Christchurch, New Zeland trio whose members (Gene-Pool Belmondo , Ian Blenkinsop and Mick Elborado) have fronted/rocked some of that city's more key outer fringe bands (McGoohans, Scorched Earth Policy & The Shallows to name but three).

8) Swedish electro-industrial band in the early 90's. Released a split cassette with Commercial Term in 1991, and appeared with a track on the "Embellishment Collection 2" tape on Börft Records the same year.

9) Gas aka Gascomm (knob twiddler from dumfries) mostly digital malarky on various ninjatune forum projects.

10) Dutch punk band

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