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Funkdoobiest is a rap group from Los Angeles. The original members are Son Doobie (Jason Vasquez), a Puerto Rican rapper, DJ Ralph M (Ralph Medrano), a Chicano DJ, and Tomahawk Funk (Tyrone Pacheco) of the Lakota Nation. Formed in 1989, first as Ralph M and Son when Ralph M hooked up with DJ Muggs, Sen Dog, B-Real , Son Doobie & T-Funk.

The name Funkdoobiest came later in 1991 from a song B-Real from Cypress Hill had written called "The Funkdoobiest". Quote from a Ralph M interview: So one day Muggs and myself were rollin' around in L.A. and I said "yo, we the Funkdoobiest: Ralph M., Sondoobie, Tomahawk Funk." And it's been history since… that name was too dope to just be a song. Tomahawk left after their second album.

Their first two albums were mainly produced by Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs and House Of Pain's DJ Lethal along with the group's Ralph M. Their third and so far last album, included production by Ralph M and DJ Rectangle. Whereas the other albums were clearly hardcore rap in the vein of Cypress Hill and other Soul Assassins members, "The Troubleshooters" was more versatile.

Soon after "The Troubleshooters" was released in 1997, Son Doobie starred in a porno movie, which was referenced in Eminem's "Guilty Conscience" in 1999.

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