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Funeral Diner was a band, formed in 1998 in Half Moon Bay, CA, they split in 2008. Their style is true to the screamy, chaotic, melodic emotional hardcore of the later part of the '90s. Stylistically, they are akin to artists such as The Spirit Of Versailles, Joshua Fit For Battle, Pg.99, The Khayembii Communique,The Saddest Landscape (who they have shared a split with) and Saetia. Their style could be described as "epic" in parts, due to the long buildups featured in some songs, and because the length of their songs is in contrast to the "emoviolence" style that was also commonplace around the late '90s. However, there is a definite element of "chaotic" hardcore to their sound, in large part due to the drumming of Mathew Bajda, who previously played with pioneering hardcore emo band Portraits Of Past, a band many credit with both the advent of the "screamo" sound and being the first band to be described with that term. Funeral Diner have toured with many notable hardcore bands including Envy and La Quiete.

They have released three full lengths:
Difference Of Potential
Funeral Diner... Is Dead (which is actually a tour CDR collection of songs from various splits)
The Underdark
As well as several splits and EP's.

Members of Funeral Diner can now be found in those bands : ...Who Calls So Loud, Lemonade, Sterling Says.

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  • 1998 – 2007 (9 years)
  • Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County, California, United States

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