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There are (at least) 11 artists named Funeral:

1) Funeral is a band from Drammen, Norway. They were formed in 1991. Their first demo Tristesse consisting of 3 extreme doom metal compositions made them one of the pioneers in the funeral doom sub-genre. Later they moved on to more melodic direction. Up to this date the band has produced seven full-length albums and five demos. Latest is Oratorium, released in 2012.

2) Funeral is a 21-year-old vocalist and producer commonly affiliated with the digicore/hyperpop scene. He is a member of the collectives graveem1nd and noheart.

Funeral often makes music under the genre “Digicore” which approaches rap music with a fusion of / influences (such as 100 gecs, Sybyr, Bladee, and others), the usage of DnB drums, and up-pitched “nightcore” vocals.

3) Funeral is a Brazilian punk Band.

4) Funeral is a punk band from Long Beach, California, USA, featuring future/former members of the Rik L Rik band, Weirdos, and Tex and the Horseheads.

5) Funeral is an American death metal band. Formed in Antioch, California featuring Eric Cutler (Autopsy), Steve DiGiorgio (Death, Autopsy, Sadus and many more), John Shafer (Hexx), Aaron Gustafson (Necyomancy) and Petri Toivonen (Doomed).

6) Funeral is a Swedish death doom metal band. Formed in 2002. Slight black metal influences can be heard at certain points in most of the songs in the demo.

7) Funeral is a D-Beat crust punk from Portland, USA with Warcry and Atrocious Madness members. A 6-tracks EP was released by Whisper In Darkness Records in 2003.

8) Funeral is a brutal death metal band from Asuncion, Paraguay.

9) Funeral is a Chinese black metal band from Beijing, China. They released one demo titled "Funeral Apocalypse" in 2009.

10) Funeral is a French NSBM band that became later known as Kristallnacht.

11) A South African Doom Metal band from Pretoria, ZA, that became Chokehold and later Conscript.

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