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Frankie Cosmos is an American indie rock band headed by Greta Kline.
Starting in 2009 under various pseudonyms (Ingrid Superstar, Zebu Fur, Franz Charcoal), Kline is well known for having an extremely lengthy back catalogue of self released albums and projects. In 2014, she released her first studio album, Zentropy. After exclusively performing live as a duo with Aaron Maine of Porches for several years, Frankie Cosmos began to take on a more traditional band form, inducting David Maine (Bass) and Gabrielle Smith (Keyboards, Vocals) by 2016. The same year, they released their sophomore album, Next Thing. Following Kline's breakup with Aaron Maine and the formation of Lexie (a collaboration with Alex Bailey and Doug Bleichner of Warehouse), Frankie Cosmos returned with a new lineup and 2018's Vessel. Their most recent album, Close It Quietly, was released on September 5th, 2019.

Current Lineup:
Greta Kline (Vocals, Guitar)
Alex Bailey (Bass, Guitar)
Lauren Martin (Keyboards, Vocals)
Luke Pyenson (Drums)

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