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Splatter/Gore metal band from Brazil! Really sick!

Yesterday, for return of 11:30pm, the Military Policy received a anonymous denunciation and invaded a house located in the Aquidaban street , in Joinville-SC. In accordance with the denouncer, the owners of the house are known by having strange attitudes to the eyes of the neighbors and, in the last days, I smell it of meat in decomposition come of the place was worrying some of the other inhabitants. After the invasion, and for the surprise of the policemen, then in the yard of the house had been found remaining portions of that it could be assumed to be human bodies, in sped up been of putrefaction, and spread bones, in that it seemed to be a species of laboratory of horrors. I smell it of corpses was unbearable and, for all part, had dilacerated members for cut instruments and some with tooth marks, what it took the m.p. to suspect of canibalism in the most violent way. Inside of the house the horror was not lesser. Some officers had not obtained to continue when seeing diverse bodies hung in the ceiling, as in a butcherhouse. In a surgical table in the center of the room, plus some bodies they seemed to be being dissecteds, with agency piled up in a glass jar. The soil was slippery because of the blood and worms. The m.p. found the four responsible ones for the atrocities in the kitchen, while they analyzed a rotten stomach. F.A.M.G., nickname Necromaniak , R.A.M., nickname The Butcher and D.R.H., nickname Khil , had been imprisoned in instant and led to the police station. In interrogation, the m.p. discovered that the group, that if selfdenominated Flesh Grinder, has a species of cult to the rotten things of pathological order and comes acting since 1993. In accordance with they, much explicit blood and guts already had been spread and that its plant of horrors will go to still continue per many years.

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  • 1993 – present (29 years)
  • Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil

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