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During the last 7 years Fisz's, Emade's and their side-project's (Tworzywo Sztuczne) music became a symbol of musical eclecticism and artistic advancement. Although it grown from the polish hip hop scene, nowadays it hasn't got much in common with that scene. Musically Fisz and his producer Emade (also drummer and his brother) take a lot from so-called black music. Fisz and Emade combine soul-funk-jazz vibrations with the newest achievements of electronic avant-garde. The brothers released 8 records (Polepione Dźwięki”, „Na wylot”, „F3”, „Wielki Ciężki Słoń”, live „Tworzywo na Rzywo”, „Piątek 13”, „Heavi Metal” and a collaboration between Fisz and DJ Envee entitled „Fru!”). Fisz and Emade developed a unique style: Fisz is known for his true, personal and extremly individual lyrics and Emade for his subtle, jazzy, chilled-out and deep sounds.

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