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3 bands named Fiddlehead.

1. A band from Boston, MA formed in 2014. They released a debut, two-song EP titled "Out of the Bloom" that same year. Their first show was at America's Hardcore on December 5th, 2014. Lockin' Out formally released the EP as a 7" featuring 3 additional tracks.

The band released their first LP titled "Springtime and Blind" on April 13th, 2018 through Run For Cover and Lockin' Out.

2. An Irish Trad band fronted by Anthea Lawrence (Wailing Strangers, Slainte, Casey Neill Trio). The lineup is rounded out Uillean piper Audra Poor and guitarist Lawson Dumbeck.

3. The other Fiddlehead featured on this page was a little-known noise-rock/post hc band from Atlanta, GA. They released several 7-inches, a 6-track EP called Dod e and a full-length CD/LP called The Deaf Waiter, recorded by Steve Albini. Their chunky, precise and bass-heavy sound is best represented on Dod E, which remains an unsung classic of early 90s noise rock.

Some info from their myspace page (
Fiddlehead formed in the early nineties in the putrid muck of the Atlanta music scene at the time.
Fiddlehead toured most of the US three times and released two CDs, a 10 vinyl record and several 7 inch records as well as appearing on two various artist releases. … Their last record, The Deaf Waiter, was recorded in Chicago by Steve Albini which was a regrettable mistake. … Their first record "Dod e" sounds cleaner in comparison with David Barbe engineering the record and John Golden mastering. … Fiddlehead appeared with such acts as Green Day, Fugazi, Girls Against Boys, Jawbreaker, Rodan, Unwound, Crain, Phleg Camp, Rain Like The Sound Of Trains, & Quincy Punx to name a few. Their last cd is still available on the internet. Fiddlehead has never been paid for "The Deaf Waiter" cd and 10 inch record sales since its release in 1994. "Dod e" is out of print. The members have gone on to work in several other bands over the years. Harvey Milk, Tom Collins, The Martians, Freemasonry, John Brown…

Judging by the 'similar artists' links there is also an still active celtic band of this name.

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  • Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States
  • Alex Henery

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