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There are at least two artists with the name "Flo"
1 - Italian folk/world, folk-jazz singer.
Flo is surely one of the most eclectic and versatile personalities in Italian Musical Scene .
As a very singular singer and songwriter, she was able to mix her musical experiences (from the musical “C’ era una volta…Scugnizzi” to the collaboration with musicians as Lino Cannavacciuolo and Daniele Sepe) in her peculiar style, in which languages and sounds melt in her powerful singing.

In 2011 she started her solo career after meeting guitar player and composer Ernesto Nobili. Very soon percussionist Michele Maione and Cello player Marco Di Palo Joined the duo, forming the 4tet that still nowadays is beside her.
Her music evokes an immense south, is the chronicle of towns and lives suspended in time and space, among pity and disenchantment,
and the sound is groovy, rootsy and contemporary at the same time .
In 2014 “D’amore e di altre cose irreversibili” , her first solo album is released by Agualoca Records, having enthusiastic reviews all over europe and a good success among fans.
On may ,13th 2016 is going to be released her second album “Il mese del rosario” (Agualoca Records).

2 - FLO grew up with a passion for music. He began singing and playing guitar at the age of 5. It wasn't until he reached high school that he began to tap into the artform of hip hop. FLO was born into a Christian home and his parents raised him to understand the reality of God and took him to church where he was educated by the word. He knew the truth but strayed away from it throughout his highschool years. He was under the influence of the wrong crowd and became a follower.

As a teen he struggled with insecurity and social rejection which led him to develop bitterness in his heart toward people. His life seemed to be falling apart, until one night FLO was alone in his room and God grabbed a hold of him. Suddenly FLO had a desire to seek God and since then he has never been the same. The bitterness he had in his heart was replaced with compassion for others, and now his mission is to speak life into every person his music reaches.

FLO is adamant about his faith and is not afraid to show it in his music. He talks about real struggles, real experiences, and real life - all from the perspective of a believer in Christ. FLO wants to continue using his gift to uplift others, let them know they have a purpose, and that nothing can stop them from achieving it if they trust in God, which is why he brands himself using the motto "No Limits".

FLO dropped his 1st mixtape entitled "No Limits" in February of 2013. He is currently working on various different projects and is looking to drop his debut album this year. He is heavily involved in ministry at his home church in Fort Myers, Florida where he conducts a weekly bible study for young men, and serves as a worship leader.

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