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Band Members:
Juan Pablo- Drums
Wurgarg - Guitars
Franz - Vocals

Session members:
Jim Ross(cystic dysentery, necropia, bandwhore…)-live guitar
Kyle sweeney(lokyata, deadflesh)-live bass
Goremaggot - Vocals
Brame (Infernal Propaganda/Xaphan) - Bass on E.P

E.R was formed on late february 2009 by Juan"blasting" campo, Jim"wurgarg" Greco and Mario with the intention of making a sick brutal band, after material was ready for our self titled demo/mcd we recorded with Jim Ross, due to work schedules Mario couldn't continue, then Franz hoffman joined the band on vocals, with the help of session members Brame(bass), goremaggot(vocals) the recording is finished with sick ass artwork from Mark Cooper(mindrape art), and is being distribted by sevared records. For the time being we will play shows with live session members until we feel the need to fill those spots, the writing process will continue to be done by Jim and Juan. We are working on the last few songs for the full length, we will be recording 3 new promo tracks and we will post them as soon as they are done, get ready for some brutal/rotten death metal.

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