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There are multiple artists who operate under the moniker of Exile:

#1 A curently 13 member big JPop-boygroup that debuted in the year 2001 under the name of J Soul Brothers. They changed their name in 2003 into EXILE and switched to a label called LDH (Love, Dream, Happiness), wich was founded by former member Hiro (better known as EXILE HIRO). The group originaly consisted out of 5 member. At it's hight the group used to have a total of 15 member (19 when counting the original member that have left the group). In 2011 EXILE was merged into EXILE TRIBE as it's first group (or seen as unit). In 2020 member Atsushi (better known as EXILE ATSUHI) decided to leave the group and in 2022 member Keiji also decided to leave the group. EXILE has curently 13 member.

#2 The American hip-hop producer, DJ and occassional MC, Exile (real name Aleksander Manfredi), began his career as a member of hip-hop duo Emanon along with Aloe Blacc. He has released several solo beat albums, most notably Dirty Science (2006) and Radio (2009). He is best known for the album Below the Heavens (2007) by Blu & Exile. He also produced Fashawn's album Boy Meets World (2009) and has released another Blu & Exile album, Give Me Flowers While I Can Smell Them (2011). On top of this, he has been a guest producer for several notable acts, such as Ghostface Killah, Jurassic 5, Mobb Deep and Kardinall Offishall.

#3 The American country rock group Exile formed in 1963 by singer/guitarist J.P. Pennington as the Exiles. They produced a number of minor hits, as well as the #1 charting pop hit Kiss You All Over. After a few years, lead singer Jimmy Stokely left the group and was replaced by Les Taylor, who helped reshape the group into its present country rock form. While they did find some new success in this form, they eventually disbanded in 1993. By 1996, Pennington and Taylor reformed the band with a new lineup; it includes guitarists/singers Pennington and Taylor, bassist/vocalist Sonny LeMaire, keyboard player Marlon Hargis and drummer Steve Goetzman.

#4 The Bulgarian black metal band EXILE was formed in spring 2004 by Erilyne (vocals & guitars) in Sandanski, Bulgaria. Exile starts as one-man project. The first records - "The Nightcoming 1" was maded at the same time by Erilyne. Musically this first demo is focused on old-school black metal with some epic elements. To continue Exile's activities as a project and for some steps forward, Erilyne decide to invite other musicians. After two months Vassil (guitars) joined Exile as a guitarist and Leidolf (drums) as a drummer. The Nightcoming 1" was released as a part of the split CD EXILE vs. BOLG (Acclaim Records). In summer 2004 was recorded the second demo - "Restless Soul" - most raw than "The Nightcoming 1". Talmor joined Exile as a bassist in 2005 and leaved the band in the beginning of 2006. "The Nightcoming 2" was succeed recorded in may 2005. This album was recorded and composed for one week. In this album Exile focused mainly on the aggression, the clean and powerful sound. For a first time without any keys, this album is the most real face of Exile.

#5 Exile is a black metal band from Turkey and it is a side project of Moribund Oblivion.The band released a demo(2004) and an album(2007):"Exile is Eternal"(both with the same name)

#6 Tim Exile is the recording alias of Tim Shaw, a producer and performer of electronic music spanning drum and bass, IDM, breakcore and gabber.

#7 Exile is a metal band from Cornwall, England. The band consists of Dom Cardell - Vocals; Alex Goodrich - Lead guitar; Brad Baker - Rhythm guitar; Fabian - Bass; Josh Hawke - Drums/Backup vocals. They were formed in 2009 and have just recorded their first demo. They can be found on myspace.

#8 Exile is an alternative rock band from The Netherlands (Schijndel). They blend their sound such that it fagile and spherical heavy at the same time. Exile formed in Schijndel, The Netherlands in 2004. The lineup consisted of Tomas Mathijsen - (Lead vocals, guitar) Guus Arts - (Guitar) Bram van Paridon - (Bass), Florian Verhagen - (Keys) Cas Mathijsen - (Drums).
Influences: Radiohead, Millionaire, The Beatles, Patrick Watson, Eels, Grizzly Bear, Coldplay, Headphone, Coparck, Woost, Muse, dEUS, Soulwax, Disney, The Doors, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, De Staat, Gabriel Rios, Michael Giacchino, John Williams, Thomas Newman.
They can be found on myspace and on hyves.

#11 Exile, now operating under the name Izrael, is a Zambian musician and rapper best known for songs Awuwe and Efindingile.

#12 Exile is an Australian Deathcore band formed in 2009. Since 2009 they have released 2 EPs and 1 Full length. Their lyrical theme mainly focus on Evil and Darkess. Since the formation they have toured with a lot of bands like Aversions Crown, Thy Art Is Murder, A Night In Texas etc.

The band has made a few line up changes over the time. Brandon Lees, Jack and Sorenson are the orginal members of the band. In 2015 they replaced their original frontman Luke Hodges with Joel Taylor.

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