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We started as a Band in late 2009. I think we had no real plans about what we are doing and where to end up (and we still have no idea). We were 3 kids who desperately love music (and still do). Our first idea was to cover some songs to get to know in which direction this whole thing should lead. But covering songs is not our thing, I guess. So we started writing own songs. Our first song was "Give up on me". Actually the song had its name before we ourselves had a name. Pretty strange, I think. So we were searching for a name.. We had long discussions on that. Empty Handed was our solution. We still like that name. Thats a good thing. Having a myspace account and some demo tracks up (Give up on me / Retrospective Dependence), recorded in our rehearsal room is a good thing, too. Anyway, it's still nothing serious at all.. We decided to record some songs for our first demo. 3 kids were recording 2 Guitars, 1 Bass, Drums and Vocals in only two days. Jens and Alex were amazing (Laboratorium Leipzig). Some people liked our recordings and it was on us to search 2 guys to have a full line up. We did. Erik and Georg were joining us. We became close friends and we do not hate each other yet. Good point. We played shows, shows and more shows. We nearly took every chance to play a live show. Even shows, we did not fit in. The thing is we love playing live more than anything. Time passed by, we wrote new songs, recorded them and called this EP "Cold Youth". We are bit disappointed by the sound of the whole EP, as we had high expectations on it. I guess they were just too high. There was a lot of pressure and recording this EP wasn't funny at all. No one of us was feeling comfortable and I think, the whole thing just sounds like that. After one year.. we decided to record again. We asked a lot of people to give us advices, where to do so. Many people recommended the "Hidden Planet" in Berlin. So it was a logical descision to record the new songs in Jan's studio. We did this whole recording thing in 2 days (4 Songs: Perspectives EP). Jan made it so easy for us. He is a lovely guy, always friendly and really really hard working. Everyone felt comfortable from the beginng untill the end. We will definitely come back to his studio in Berlin, when it is time to record our first full length.
Since we've started, we played like 60 shows and met amazing people (esp. Burn Alaska, The Cold Harbour and White Fields). We made alot of friends and we still have alot of friends supporting us since forever. If you meet us, talk to us and have a drink with us.

Our band's name is Empty Handed, we play emotional melodic hardcore and we just try to be honest to ourselves and to everyone around us.


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