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Elephantis was a 5 Piece melodic hardcore band from United Kingdom.

Elephantis announced in September 2014, via Facebook, that they would no longer be playing together as a band citing "musical differences".

RIP 2010 - 2014

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"With many genres so over saturated, it’s almost too easy to confuse one five piece from Bristol with another quintet from Newcastle, making distinguishing yourself from the pack is the first hurdle for any band. Luckily for Guildford’s Elephantis their brand of melody driven hardcore is allowing them to stand a little taller than their peers.

Emerging from the practice room in late 2010 and with one fully fledged EP already under their belts, the Surrey five piece are already showing signs of success with lead single “Believe In Me” racking up 24k views on YouTube through the established FaithLoveHope channel. Through sheer hard work and determination the band have gradually established a cult following with crowds throughout the UK and even across the channel banding together in raucous syncretic choruses. A real testament to the band’s appeal, landing them supporting slots for the likes of Liferuiner, Gideon and Napoleon.

The quintet’s latest offering, Pining, will be available both digitally and physically through Dream Atlantic Records this Sunday, August 19th. It coincides with the recent release of a brand new video for new single ‘Rosette’.

Pining is an 18-minute showcase of Elephantis’ musical craftsmanship, delicately intertwining intelligently constructed melodies with the coarse and gravely vocals of Angus Robertson. The recent introduction of guitarist Rory Bevis allowed the band to expand their sound a little further with some incredible clean vocals. Tracks “Counting Stars” and “Rosette” are fine examples of a band willing to adapt their already popular musical vision in an attempt to better themselves. Bevis and Robertson compliment each other beautifully with Bevis’ delectable cleans providing a textured sheen to the rough roars of Robertson.

Speaking about the new material, guitarist Connor Jackson had this to say: “Pining is definitely a lot more mature to me, we're much more relaxed with the writing and general sound, which allows us to keep it raw and natural. The songs are more focused, which draws attention to the individual aspects of each one.”

“Personally I think the lyrics have significantly improved, they're far more personal and honest, which is what lyrics should be. Angus had time to get all his thoughts together and onto these songs, particularly 'Rosette' which is a very heartfelt account of the struggles within his family, I think people will really be able to relate. He really stepped up for this EP.”

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