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Ektomorf is a heavy metal band from Hungary and was founded in 1993 in Mezőkovácsháza, Hungary, a small city near the Romanian border, by Zoltán "Zoli/Zotya" Farkas. In the actual line-up Zoli/Zotya – songwriter and leader of the band – is the only remaining founder member. The band is completed by Szebasztián Simon (Lead guitar), Csaba Zahorán (Bass) and Dániel Szabó (Drums). Due to his gypsy background Zoli saw himself confronted with racism and prejudices, which is why the band had to put years of work into its international career. Their breakthrough came when Ektomorf started collaboration with Danish producer Tue Madsen in 2003. From 2002 to 2017 they have released fourteen studio albums and one live album. On 7 September 2016, the band's single Az vagyok, aki voltam debuted on Rádió Rock 95.8.

Studio albums
Hangok (1996)
Ektomorf (1998)
Kalyi Jag (2000)
I Scream Up to the Sky / Felüvöltök az égbe (2002)
Destroy (2004)
Instinct (2005)
Outcast (2006)
What Doesn't Kill Me... (2009)
Redemption (2010)
Black Flag (2012)
Retribution (2014)
Aggressor (2015)
Fury (2018)

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