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Eisley is an indie rock band from Tyler, Texas, United States. Eisley originally consisted of four siblings: Sherri DuPree-Bemis, Stacy King (nee Dupree), Chauntelle D’Agostino (nee Dupree), and Weston DuPree – and their cousin, Garron DuPree. Stacy, Chauntelle, and Weston left the band in 2015, leaving the band as a duo of Sherri and Garron augmented by hired professionals.

The band began as an after-church endeavor when the DuPrees were young. The band was named Moss Eisley, after the Star Wars city Mos Eisley, but for legal reasons the "Moss" was dropped officially when they announced their tour opening for Coldplay. Now they're all grown up and have both headlined and opened for bands such as (but not limited to): Taking Back Sunday, Coldplay, Switchfoot, Snow Patrol, Brand New, Vedera, MUTEMATH, The Myriad, Hot Hot Heat and New Found Glory, and Say Anything, in which Sherri DuPree married lead singer Max Bemis. Featuring ethereal, soaring harmonies and dreamy imagery, Eisley has a sound all their own. They are, however, not without comparison or influence. Their sound echoes to and artists such as Cocteau Twins or Mazzy Star and to contemporary acts such as Denali.

  • Info
  • 1998 – present (24 years)
  • Tyler, Smith County, Texas, United States
  • Chauntelle DuPree (1998 – present)
    Garron DuPree (2005 – present)
    Jonathan Wilson (2001 – 2005)
    Sherri DuPree (1998 – present)
    Stacy DuPree (1998 – present)
    … Weston DuPree (1998 – present)

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