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1) Dying Wish is an American band from Portland, Oregon, formed in 2018. In less than two years after their formation, they were anointed by the extreme metal press as one of 5 Bands You Need To Know (Revolver) and a Band To Watch In 2020 (Dead Press). On the strength of a furious demo offering a maelstrom of Hatebreed, Bleeding Through, and early Converge inspired riffage, coupled with a split EP with Canada’s Serration, Dying Wish secured a coveted spot on Brooklyn Vegan’s Metal Albums We’re Anticipating In 2020. Within the stacked modern hardcore scene, Portland's Dying Wish is quietly producing bulldozer-like cuts that nod to the chaos of late-Nineties metalcore, but with an extra dose of venom and vitriol. DYING WISH align themselves with the continuing battle for liberation, encompassing the issues affecting BIPOC, the environment, policing, and more intersectional causes while dealing in personal tribulation and trauma in equal measure. They make music aimed at unity but without compromise. Abolition, revolution, and liberation, in spirit and song, is the heart of DYING WISH.

2) Hungarian melodic death/heavy metal.
They exist since 1996.

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