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Drive Like Carson is becoming big in Boston and their music is starting to grow rapidly around the area. Drive Like Carson is very unique in that they have three brothers. Gary Cioffi, the oldest of the three brothers, is a pioneer on the guitar and has a masterful mind for music and sound engineering. Michael Cioffi, the second of the three, is one of the most crisp and well-groomed drummers in Boston. Torre Cioffi, the youngest of the trio, has such a beautiful and unique guitar style, not to mention his imagination when it comes to song writing. Paul Peters, is not in the family, but still plays a big role in Drive Like Carson. He plays a variety of four-string bass and uses his talent to play many different styles. The final piece of the puzzle is frontman Erik Brennan. The youngest member of DLC, Erik has such a great stage pressence and his voice actually sucks you in to the whole sound of DLC.

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