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Doctor Flake is a French producer and composer evolving in the Hip Hop/Abstract/Trip Hop styles like a kind of a musical surgeon, a medical expert of musical cutting.

His production started in 2001 by developing his own mainly instrumental musical universe based on already existing materials. These various extracts are then thoroughly and accurately dismembered and dissected before being reassembled and rearranged to create a new living track.

As a legitimate heir to the sampling madness, his production sometimes seems to be the fruit of a prostitute and a gothic DJ Shadow. While sampling hidden nuggets he exhumed from dubious forgotten EPs, Doctor Flake carries out a both obscure and dazzling sound, combining mental illness and repressed rage making the dis-chordant picturesque. Paradis Dirtyficiels carries on with the work being undertaken with its first opus Intervention Chirursicale and confirms Doctor Flake's aptitude to set up subtle musical atmospheres, alternately tragic, emotionally disturbed or full of energy.

By doing so he claims his attachment to the original Downtempo tradition. In this new 12 tracks album, Doctor Flake and his sampler succeed in honouring together musical, poetical and movie icons. These multiple encounters are relayed by accurate melodies of acoustic guitars, atmospheric pianos, leading with guitars, saxophones, chorus, scratches, with supporting roles of hypnotic beats and bass. Worth it!

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