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There is more than one artist or groups using the name 'Deuce'.
1. A rapper from the United States
2. A Heavy Metal band from USA
3. A pop group from the United Kingdom
4. A musician from Poland
5. A metal band from the United Kingdom
6. A techno collaboration between Marcel Dettmann and Shed

1. Aron Erlichman (born March 2, 1983), better known by his stage name Deuce (formerly known as Tha Producer), is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, music producer and guitarist. Brought to fame as a producer, singer-songwriter and one of the founding members of rap rock band Hollywood Undead, Deuce has since moved on to solo work through the label "Five Seven Music", a branch of Eleven Seven Music. He is also involved in a movement with fellow rapper Truth (Vardan Aslanyan) called "Nine Lives" (often stylized as both "9LIVES" and "IX LIVES"). Deuce released his debut album of the same name on April 24, 2012, which sold 11,425 copies in its first week. Deuce has also collaborated with artists Marc Bosserman, Ronnie Radke, Brokencyde and Blood on the Dance Floor.

2. Deuce was a Heavy Metal / Power Metal band from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, formed in 1978, with Marty Friedman in their line-up

3. Deuce were a UK-based pop foursome who had a number of hits in the mid-90s, splitting up in August 1996. The band were Kelly O' Keefe (replaced by Amanda Perkins in March 1996), Craig Young(left in August 1996), Lisa Armstrong and Paul Holmes.

They entered the UK's Song For Europe competition with the song "I Need You" in 1995, but came in third behind Love City Groove.

Kelly O'Keefe had very distinctive vocals. She had previously been an assistant to Tom Watkins (who had managed both Bros and East 17), and put the band together by adding her dancer friend Lisa, and casting for the two male members.

They made their debut in January 1995, with the track "Call it Love" which hit No. 11 in the UK Charts. They followed this up with "I Need You" (UK No. 10) and then "On The Bible" (UK No. 13) in April and then July 1995, and their album "On The Loose" which peaked at No. 18 on the UK album charts.

The band also featured on the charity Christmas single "A Gift Of Christmas" as part of Childliners, which also featured acts such as Peter Andre, MN8, Ultimate Kaos, East 17, Dannii Minogue, C.J. Lewis, Boyzone, and Michelle Gayle.

In 1996, Deuce signed with Mike Stock's Love This record label, following a dispute and subsequent split from London Records. Kelly O' Keefe had left in late 1995 following a successful European tour, but was replaced by Amanda Perkins for their Love This debut, "No Surrender". Sadly, the track did not do well struggling to only No. 29 on the UK Charts, and the band split.

Two years after their split in 1998, a greatest hits collection was released including their 4 singles and remixes.

Craig went on to pursue his acting career, appearing in Much Ado About Nothing in the Queen's Theatre. He also appeared regularly on MTV UK including stints as a presenter of Select, the UK Top Ten Countdown and Watch Out For GMTV. He then secured a role as Alex Wilkinson in the long-running football soap "Dream Team". Other appearances include MTV's Spyder Games, Charmed, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and The District. His latest project is another soccer drama called "Just for Kicks" on Nickelodeon.

Lisa Armstrong is now a make-up artist and is now married to Ant McPartlin of Ant & Dec who also performed under the alias PJ & Duncan.

4. DEUCE is the polish artist, Piotrek Połoz. Born in 1981, lives in Lodz, Poland. His debut on mik musik 'Not in the Kitchen' "…is a powerfull and danceable mixture of virtuoso breaks, fat beats, noisy melodies and a spicefull addition of tasty samples and vocals. It is open-minded and suggestive music with reminiscences from high fidelity cyber break-beats to african balafon-like rhythms, from hawaiian guitar playing to dolphin scratches, from Chris Issak to ultranoisy punk-rock…" (quoted from original Second cd on mik musik "we can make it better and faster than DEUCE!" came out in february 2004. Brings new matured mix of pop and anti-pop, sweetness and controversy. Apart from his electronic solo-project DEUCE also plays bass as a member of an indie-noise rock band called Psychocukier. After some troubles with too many artists called DEUCE, he changed his nickname to Tsar Poloz in 2009.

5. Deuce was a NWOBHM band from Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Last Line Up:
Simon Ward : Bass
Simon "Emmy" Hemstock : Drums
Gregg Russell (aka Russ Richards) : Guitar
Iain Dilley (aka Fang Sabre) : Vocals
Ken Tilley : Guitar

Former Members :
Brian Roland : Guitar
Stevie "Dans" Rimmington : Bass
Paul "Wild" Walker : Guitar
Punkie Wayne : Vocals
Dieter Taschner : Guitar

Albums: Make it Bleed (Démo - 1985)
Radar Love (7'' - 1986)


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