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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Dead Fish is a Brazilian band from Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil. Formed in 1992, they developed their music with intense vocal, initially sung in English then switched to Portuguese, frantic guitar fretwork, bulldozer-like drumming style and bass picking. The lyrics usually range from political and social criticism to daily personal problems, among others.

Their gigs are known for the energetic performances, frantic mosh-pit and stage dives. Also, there's a well-know catch phrase shout by the crowd at sometime in the show: "Ei, Dead Fish, vai tomar no cu!" which means "Hey, Dead Fish, go fuck your ass off!"

In 2004 they almost broke up but signed up with major label Deckdisc, releasing their first mainstream album, Zero e Um.

Band's current lineup is: Rodrigo (vocals), Philipe - who has left Reffer, Alyand (bass) and Marcos (drums) making Dead Fish's "kitchen".

* Sirva-se (1998)
* Sonho Médio (1999)
* Afasia (2001)
* EP 2002 (2002)
* Faces do Terceiro Mundo (2002)
* Ao Vivo (2003)
* Zero e Um (2004)
* MTV Apresenta (2004) (DVD)
* Um Homem Só (2006)
* Demo Tapes (2006)
* Contra Todos (2009)

Official website:

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2) Dead Fish is a Croatian band from Koprivnica, Croatia. It consists of five members: Snoop, Peo (Guitars), Relja (Drums), Cheno (Bass) and Klosh (Vocals).

Their lyrics are based mostly on social status in Croatia. They
played with several croatian alternative bands and one bigger -
Their Myspace profile:

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