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The band Danny Wilson formed in 1986 in Dundee, Scotland by brothers Gary Clark (guitar/vocals), Kit Clark (guitar/vocals) and Ged Grimes (keyboards/vocals), the trio named themselves Spencer Tracy before settling on Danny Wilson - after Frank Sinatra's character in the movie Meet Danny Wilson…

Their debut single on Virgin Records in Feb' 1987, "Mary's Prayer", failed to make an impression, although it did chart in the US before hitting the UK Top 50 in August and then No. 3 the following March. The song was later featured in the movie "Something About Mary"

The debut album "Meet Danny Wilson" was full of promise with the band's clean-cut image fitting perfectly in the late-80's trend for slick.

Their follow-up album, "Bebop Moptop", however, failed to make much impression, though the fine single "The Second Summer Of Love" did go Top 30.

There was also a subsequent "Greatest Hits" album released after the band split in 1990.