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Dahmer was a band from Saint-Jean-De-Chrysostome, Canada - a suburb of Quebec City - and formed in 1995 by Sebastien (Seb) and Yvan Dionne. They composed songs mainly about serial killers, (hence their name referring to the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer), mass murderers and other various topics; some not even criminal-related and most being humorous.

During their span as a band, Dahmer released numerous 7" EPs / Split 7" EPs - including such as acts as Carcass Grinder, Suppression, Apartment 213, Denak, etc - a full-length LP entitled 'Dahmerized', and two discography compilations; 'The Studio Sessions - Discography' CD and 'Our Worst Recordings' CD-R. Dahmer split-up in early 2000, but members are currently still involved in other grindcore bands, such as Fistfuck; not to mention other sporadic live performances and various side projects.

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  • 1995 – 2000 (5 years)
  • Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale, Quebec, Canada

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