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Brian Baker, formerly of Minor Threat, formed Dag Nasty with Colin Sears, Roger Marbury and Shawn Brown in 1985. Shawn's replacement on vocals (by ex- DYS frontman Dave Smalley) shortly before the recording of their debut full-length, Can I Say, began a revolving door membership that was to continue throughout their duration as a band (ultimately leaving Brian as the only original member.) Dag Nasty recorded Can I Say in June 1986, and Wig Out at Denkos in July 1987, for Dischord Records before moving to Giant Records for the release of Field Day in 1988. The Can I Say line-up reformed in 1992 to record Four on the Floor for Epitaph Records and again in 2002 to record a full-length for Revelation Records. In 1991, Dischord combined the Can I Say and Wig Out LPs onto one maxi-CD. Dischord re-mastered both records in 2003 and re-released them back onto two separate CDs, both including extra live and unreleased tracks.

Dag Nasty(1985 - 1991)

Dave Smalley - vocals on #19
Peter Cortner - vocals on #26
Brian Baker - guitar
Roger Marbury - bass on #19
Doug Carrion - bass on #26
Colin Sears - drums

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  • 1985 – 1991 (6 years)
  • Washington, D.C., United States
  • Brian Baker Colin Sears Dave Smalley Doug Carrion Peter Cortner … Roger Marbury Shawn Brown (1985 – 1986)

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