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Cross My Heart was a band on Deep Elm Records who were highly influential in the early Emo/ Post hardcore scene of the late 1990's. They have one full length named Temporary Contemporary , a self-titled EP, and an EP named The Reason I Failed History. They have also songs on various Deep Elm comps including the popular Emo Diaries. You can purchase CD's, LP's and the comps on or the iTunes store. They broke up around 2002. Remaining members went on to form Liars Academy. Ryan Shelkett (Liars Academy, Cross my Heart, Blank, Dead Red Sea) was featured with vocals/guitar, Evan Tanner (Pee Tanks/ Liars Academy) played Drums, Dwayne Bruner played Guitar, Chris Camden (Daybreak) played Bass. Cross My Heart reunited for at least two shows (at Metro Gallery and the Fest) in 2013.

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