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Croation Amor is the introspective project of Loke Rahbek, a Danish sound artist and co-founder of Posh Isolation, a label and collective that broke out from the noise music sphere and now sits at the centre of Scandinavian ambient, experimental and techno. Rahbek is known for his work, not just under his own name, but other monikers. As part of Lust For Youth, Rahbek made stirring synth pop; as part of Damien Dubrovnik, it was screeching, ear-bleeding noise. That's in addition to other projects where he's collaborated with the likes of Varg and Puce Mary. But it's under the Croatian Amor name that Rahbek has created his most immersive musical world, collapsing ambient, noise, experimental and spoken-word into something eerily beautiful and unsettling. All of these projects stand together as bricks within the larger construction that is the collective, record label and strange yet functional family known as Posh Isolation. Since it's conception, the label has held a special place within Copenhagen’s DIY and avant-garde scene. It has also become a stronghold of creative expression not only within the Scandinavian experimental scene, but the whole of Europe as well

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