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There are at least 2 artist with the name "Creatures"

1) In the fall of 2007, five friends came together to play metalcore and crossover thrash in vein of Slayer, Ringworm, and Hatebreed: Creatures was born. The band wrote an incredible demo and played shows non-stop through out Southern California and made sure no warehouse, garage, or venue was safe from their ferocious live performance. Locals wanted more, and they got it when Creatures dropped their debut s/t 7" at Sound and Fury 2008; playing an explosive opening set that blew everyone out of the water (and some out of conciousness). Creatures made their mark on the masses. In winter of 2008, Creatures teamed up with So-Cal locals, Downpresser, to release a split for So-Cal based label, Fineprint Records, followed by a winter tour to support their efforts.

Creatures' debut full length, "I, Lucifer" focuses on the band's metal roots and pushes their sound further to the limit. Face melting solos, heavy-pulvurizing riffs, and extreme speed is sure to provide something for everyone. With lyrics of depression, anger, and rage, this album is sure to keep your head banging.

Creatures' "Vesuvius" is set to be released January 3rd 2012 on Twelve Gauge Records
"Blend of unrelentless force and raw power produces a barbaric sound unlike any other."

(2007) Demo - Self Released
(2008) Self Titled 7" - Collapse Records
(2009) Split 7" with Downpresser - Fineprint Records
(2009) I, Lucifer - Eulogy Recordings
(2010) Salvation 7" - Hellfish Family & Closed Casket Activities
(2012) Vesuvius 12" - Twelve Gauge Records

2) Formed in 2009 in Columbus, OH. Creatures is a jazzy punk / indie duo featuring Owen Kelley on guitar and vocals and Chris Mengerink on drums. They self released their 6 song demo in 2010.

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