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Formed in 2008, in Derby, UK. Played some shows for a bit. Made a record. Threw Beal to the dogs. Played some more shows with McBride and Roedog in his place. Invited Beal back in from the cold. Started moving again.

Both of their records are available as a pay-what-you-like download at

A full length, 'Distal', was released on April 1st 2011. It was also released as a double 12" LP (now on its 2nd pressing) on Triste and a CD on Brave Or Invincible.

Crash of Rhinos released a second full length, Knots, on July 15th 2013. It was released on three separate labels accommodating different countries, Big Scary Monsters in the UK, Topshelf Records in the US and To Lose La Track in Italy. The album can be purchased from any of the aforementioned labels and the vinyl is now in it's second pressing. Knots has been reviewed widely on the internet including by Pitchfork Media, they gave the album an 8.1 rating .

They announced they had broken up in February 2014.

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