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Counterparts are a Canadian band. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Brendan Murphy, guitarists Blake Hardman and Adrian Lee , bassist Brian Kaczmarczyk and drummer Kyle Brownlee. The band's most recent two albums have received critical acclaim from magazines Rock Sound and Exclaim!. They were released through Victory Records.

Counterparts formed in Hamilton, Ontario in 2007, under the name "Brigade", later "Sharia" before settling on Counterparts. Counterparts consisted of vocalist Brendan Murphy, guitarist Jesse Doreen, guitarist Curtis Washik, bassist Eric Bazinet, and drummer Ryan Juntilla. In mid-2009, Washik departed from the band, and Alex Re joined the band temporarily as their guitarist before becoming their permanent guitarist. In March 2009 Counterparts toured Canada. In 2010 Shane Told, from the band Silverstein, signed them to his Verona Records label.

Lead vocalist Brendan Murphy was featured on the song "The Artist" on Silverstein's fifth album, Rescue. He also appeared in their music video.

The band's debut album Prophets was released 23 February 2010 on label Verona Records. In 2010, Juntilla left the band, and was replaced by Chris Needham. A split EP, featuring Needham on drums was released 21 November 2010 with Exalt. The band toured North America in support of the album.

In spring of 2011, the band was signed to Victory Records. The band continued to tour until the summer of 2011, when they announced that they were recording a new album. During this time, Needham left the band to see a speech therapist. A search for their next drummer was started, but ultimately, Juntilla rejoined the band, just in time to start recording for their second album, The Current Will Carry Us. Album was released October 24, 2011 on Victory. A music video was released for the song "Jumping Ship".

The bands latest album, entitled The Difference Between Hell and Home was released on July 24, 2013 to positive critical reception. A music video for the track "Witness" was posted ten days prior to the release of the album.

In the Fall of 2013, guitarist Alex Re posted on his personal Facebook page that he had left Counterparts and will be playing his last show with the band at their hometown show in December. In the meantime, the band was able to get Adrian Lee to fill-in for Re on their last few tours of 2013. It is unknown if Lee is a permanent replacement for Re. In the spring of 2014, bassist Eric Bazinet announced that after seven years, he was leaving the band due to pursue a career and to spend time with family.

Brendan Murphy - lead vocals (2007-present)
Adrian Lee - guitar (2013-present)
Blake Hardman - guitar (2016-present)
Kyle Brownlee - drums (2016-present; touring, 2012, 2016)

Former members:
Curtis Washik - guitar (2007-2009)
Chris Needham - drums, percussion (2010-2011)
Ryan Juntilla - drums, percussion (2007-2010; 2011-2012)
Alex Re - guitar, backing vocals (2009-2013)
Eric Bazinet - bass (2007-2014)
Jesse Doreen - guitar (2007-2016)
Kelly Bilan - drums, percussion (2012-2016)
Brian Kaczmarczyk – bass (2014–2017)

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