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1. Contention is an band from Tampa, Florida.

2. Contention was a band from Oslo, Norway. The band was formed at some point in 1991. The band consisted of members from more well-known bands such as Gain, Onward, Rectify, Amulet and Sportswear. Contention was a side project, but played regularly live during the mid-90's in the area around Oslo. Noteworthy, they played support for bands like Earth Crisis, Unsane and The Offspring among others. They were never a straight edge band, but some of the members were. The band had a strong stance that can be heard throughout the song «Undefended». Early 1994 the band released a split seveninch with Lash Out and participated with a couple of tracks on the «Norway Hardcore» compilation tape put out by Arild Dahlen's Resource Productions. In 1995 they recorded an eight song LP for Stormstrike Records, but the record was never released. Still the recording spread like wild fire in the norwegian scene on poor quality dubbed tapes. The band played their last show in 1997. Borderline Records released four of the songs from the Stormstrike LP recording as a seveninch EP entitled «Monument» posthumously the 6th of June 2000.

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