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There are 2 (at least) bands called Confession.

1. Fronted by Michael Crafter (former I Killed the Prom Queen), Confession is one of Australia's leading Hardcore Acts. The band members come from all over Australia, including Melbourne (Victoria), Adelaide (South Australia) and Byron Bay in New South Wales, well known for the breeding ground of Australian Metalcore band, Parkway Drive.

Confession's Debut Album, Cancer, was released during 2009 and was Blunt Magazine's Album of the Year. Since the albums release, the band has gone on many national headline tours aswell as supporting the likes of Parkway Drive and The Amity Affliction.

The band has finished recording their second album with renowned producer Fredrik Nordstrom, released on 23 September 2011, The Long Way Home would be the last release to feature band members Dan Brown ( guitar, clean vocals), Adam Harris (guitar), Tim Anderson (bass) and Shane O'Brien (drums, percussion).

After returning from their European tour supporting Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside and Miss May I it seem's the members had kicked Crafter from the band, Crafter quickly swooping in and banning the others from the band's facebook page and posting "It's Crafter here. I would like to announce that the members who used to play in this band have tried to double cross me. I have now kicked out all members of the band and will be looking for legit friends to play within the band. SO HEY GET Fucked."

after the last few months searching for members it seems Crafter has decided to draft Doyle and William from local Brisbane acoustic duo D at Sea and will be touring with Doyle and William and 2 more unknown members supporting House vs Hurricane on their upcoming regional Crooked Teeth tour.

2. Kind a youngish thrash/death metal band from Lithuania. Started hanging out together at late 2009. Debuted in 2012 with such a bands like Oboltred, Eliminator and Inheritage. Literally kicked asses during that concert. And now, it's one of those rare Lithuanian bands playing bloody good Thrash metal.

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