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CON-DOM is the power electronics project of Mike Dando, which was founded on 1st August 1983. Renowned for its harsh intensity, CON-DOM utilises sound, image, and text in the delivery of its wall of industrial music. While CON-DOM has released a number of albums, it is in the live arena that the CON-DOM experience really comes into it's own.
The name CON-DOM is a shortened form of "Control-Domination", which is the major theme of the entire CON-DOM output. All aspects of control, domination and manipulation are covered including mass media, religion and politics.
CON-DOM "Live Assaults" have taken place in a variety of unusual venues, such as a council house and a church crypt, as a means of removing itself from the boundaries of the typical music/art/theatre live scenes.
CON-DOM has frequently collaborated with The Grey Wolves , both live and on recordings.

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