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Cold As Life formed in the late 1980s in Detroit, Michigan. Some say Cold As Life are one the toughest bands: on and off of the stage. In 1994, original vocalist Rawn was slain, resulting in Cold As Life's hiatus until 1997. That year the band released a demo updating some older tracks. They disbanded in 2002. Rumor float about Detroit. Members have since gone on to play for H8 Inc., Ramallah, Sworn Enemy, Agents of Man and other bands. They toured Europe summer 2007, playing the Ieperfest festival and many other gigs/venues.

Since the very beginning, the name "Cold As Life" has meant a lot of things to many different people. Individuals from all over the globe have felt a strong connection to its harsh truth - reality. A vivid, brutal, and honest depiction of an unforgiving world and the cruelty that lies within it. To this day we have heard no equal to Rawn Beuty's lyrics - nothing makes our teeth cringe or the hairs on the back of our neck stand in the same way - NOTHING. Against everyone's will Rawn was murdered, in 1993. People felt like it would never ever be the same, and it never has. Yet, in the dawn of this dark time, it became the responsibility & duty of the living to carry on his tradition and to pass down these stories through the music.
Overcoming tragedy & adversity, the band achieved success that it never dreamed possible. Cold As Life has truly seen its dreams & nightmares come to pass. Whether it was out of respect, fear, or love, many still came out and showed their support after his death - and this time is no different.
Those of us who hold this legacy close to our hearts have wanted this to happen just as bad as the fellas, the fans, and anyone else who relates to this movement. For everyone that has expressed an overwhelming desire for Cold As Life to come back.

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