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Cokelat is a band that formed on June 25, 1996 in Bandung, Indonesia. The band chose the name "Cokelat" (Chocolate) because they felt that many people like eating chocolates and they wanted their fans to enjoy their music like enjoying chocolates.

The band consists of Namara Surtikanti (Kikan) (vocals), Edwin Marshal Syarif (guitars), Edwin's younger brother, Ernest Fardiyan Sjarif (guitars), Febrianto Nugroho Surjono (Ronny) (bass), and Ervin Syam Ilyas (drums). Former members were Deden (drums) - replaced by Ervin in 1998, Bernard (guitars) - replaced by Edwin in 2000, and the band member who suggested the name "Cokelat" for the first time, Roberto Pieter (guitars) - replaced by Ernest who was an additional guitarist since 2001 but became official band member in 2003.

1998: Indie Ten (an indie compilation album)
2000: Untuk Bintang (first studio album)
2001: Rasa Baru (second studio album)
2002: Rasa Baru - Special Edition (re-released version of Rasa Baru)
2003: Segitiga (third studio album)
2004: Tribute to Ian Antono (a various artists tribute album to Ian Antono, a legendary Indonesian rock musician/composer/producer that was the member of God Bless and Gong 2000 and discovered talents like Nicky Astria and Anggun. Cokelat contributed the track Uang in this album)
2004: Dari Hati (fourth studio album)
2006: Tak Pernah Padam - The Best of Cokelat (a best-of compilation album)
2006: Untukmu Indonesiaku (covers of Indonesian national hymns)

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  • 1996 – present (25 years)
  • Bandung, Jawa Barat, Jawa, Indonesia
  • Edwin Marshal Syarif (1996 – present)
    Ernest Fardiyan Sjarif (1996 – present)
    Ervin Syam Ilyas (1996 – 2010)
    Febrianto Nugroho Surjono (1996 – present)
    Namara Surtikanti (1996 – 2010)

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