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Code Orange Kids (known as Code Orange from 2014 onwards) are a band formed in Pittsburgh, PA in 2008. The band consists of Jami Morgan (drums, vocals), Reba Meyers (guitar, vocals), Eric Balderose (guitar, vocals), and Joe Goldman (bass). They are currently signed to Deathwish Inc. and released their debut album Love Is Love // Return to Dust, produced by Kurt Ballou, on November 20, 2012.

Their second album, I Am King, is due to be released on September 2, 2014. For this release, they dropped "Kids" from their name but stated that it is not a permanent name change. In a Facebook post with a new press photo, they stated, "We are code orange. We are code orange kids. If a word being moved around shakes you up….get off board now." They are also sticking with Kurt Ballou for production and engineering.

All of their music can be officially downloaded from Visit their Facebook at Buy some merch at and

  • Info
  • 2008 – present (12 years)
  • Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Bob Rizzo (2010 – 2011)
    Dominic Landolina (2017 – present)
    Eric Balderose (2008 – present)
    Ethan Young (2020 – present)
    Greg Kern (2008 – 2010)
    … Jami Morgan (2008 – present)
    Joe Goldman (2011 – present)
    Reba Meyers (2008 – present)

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