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There is more than one artist with this name:

1. Client are a British musical group from London, England. They combine Scandinavian airline hostess uniforms with glamour-girl aesthetics and harsh s to create a sound reminiscent of early forays into sound manipulation and . Their uniforms have become their trademark.

The original band members were formerly known only anonymously as Client A and Client B, to the extent that their faces were not shown on any publicity photos; it has since been revealed that they are Kate Holmes, formerly of Frazier Chorus and Technique, and Sarah Blackwood, lead singer of Dubstar. Kate Holmes is married to Alan McGee (founder of Creation Records discoverer of Oasis). In late 2005 new member, Client E, joined the group. This is Emily Mann who was a contestant on the Five TV reality show Make Me A Supermodel, an artist, and an active DJ, usually performing as Emily Strange. Client E left the band in June 2007. In November 2007 Charlotte Hatherley joined the Band as Client C, to fill the vacant role of bassist on their European and Scandinavian tours.

Client was the first act signed to Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher's record label, Toast Hawaii/(Mute). They have toured with the likes of Depeche Mode and Erasure and have been described as a combination of "The Pet Shop Boys at their most commercial and The Human League at their most obscure".

Client have collaborated with several high profile musicians and directors. Their video for "Pornography" was directed by French director Jamie Deliessche from video production company Schmooze. It features Carl Barât (formerly of The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things' on vocals. The song "Down to the Underground" features Pete Doherty, also formerly of The Libertines, now frontman of Babyshambles. The song "Overdrive" features Martin L. Gore of Depeche Mode. The song "Where's the Rock and Roll Gone" features Tim Burgess of The Charlatans. Client has collaborated with Moonbootica and Replica on selected tracks and have done a special duet, "Suicide Sister" with Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb.

It was announced in October 2006 that Client left the Toast Hawaii label. In November 2006, Client signed with Metropolis Records for North America, Noiselab Records for South America, Out of Line for Europe, Subspace Communications in Scandinavia and their own label Loser Friendly in the UK.

They also host the Being Boiled club night in London.

Their third album, Heartland, produced by Youth and Stephen Hague, was released in July 2007 and saw the band licenced through different labels globally. Their final single from Heartland "It's Not Over" was released in October 2007.

On 19 December 2010 it was made official that Sarah Blackwood has left the band to focus on other projects and that Katie will continue the band in a new line-up.

2. Client is an oldschool 1980s hardcore punk/thrash band from Japan.