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City of Caterpillar is an American band, from Richmond, Virginia formed in 2000. They released a split with pg. 99, a split with System 2600, a full length album, and an album-length compilation of their demo and some live tracks. Their music moves from technical to restrained in a matter of seconds, often showcasing the prowess of their drummer. City of Caterpillar's music brings a great deal of focus to its dynamics, using (yet expanded upon) the standard emo formula pioneered by bands like Indian Summer, as well as the epic, dirgelike qualities of Portraits of Past, Maximillian Colby and Sleepytime Trio. Like these bands, they often use the entire band to crescendo into a huge cathartic climax, whereas, Indian Summer's dynamics often paralleled the whisper/scream vocal pattern which many emo bands have become entangled in.

Their sound encompassed a style which was more influenced by bands such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Mogwai than any of the older emo bands, and was very bipolar in its approach. Very long, slow and beautiful build-ups would give way to chaotic screaming and passionate singing. Their Japanese tourmates, Envy, also rivaled them for this approach; when Envy toured the US in January 2005, they were originally intended to have come earlier with City of Caterpillar supporting them.

The band broke up in late 2003 as a result of personal differences..

Kevin and Jeff played together in Malady, Ryan is still in Darkest Hour, original bassist Adam formed Stop It!! and Brandon and Pat are both living in NYC collaborating in Ghastly City Sleep.

City of Caterpillar reunited in 2016 and has been touring ever since. In the same year the band also issued an old, previously unreleased recording from the sessions from their self-titled album, "As the Curtains Dim; (Little White Lie)"; the next year, they released another song, "Driving Spain Up a Wall", that had been performed live but not recorded in the studio.

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