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Several artists are known under this name:

1) A / band from the Southeast Michigan/ Northwest Ohio area. The band consists of five members: Mat Kerekes (vocals), Nick Hamm (lead guitar), Jake Duhaime (drums), Ryland Oehlers (rhythm guitar), & Eric Hamm (bass). They are currently signed to Run For Cover Records ( (

2) A brocore band from Denver, Colorado. Loud, fast, douchey and rather boring to say the least. (

3) A hardstyle duo, consisting of Cristiano Giusberti (technoboy), Riccardo Tesini;

4) A US guerilla extremist grindcore band (which features members of Exhumed and Cretin);

5) A fastcore band from the Sunshine Coast, Australia;

6) A progressive psy-trance project;

7) An underground house/techno/uk bass producer from London (real name Claudio Lillo);

8) A short-lived and unfortunately unsigned post-punk/britpop group from east London active throughout the 1990s and during some time in 2006.

  • Info
  • 2009 – present (13 years)
  • Michigan, United States
  • Cray Wilson (2012 – present)
    Eric Hamm Jake Duhaime Mat Kerekes (2009 – present)
    Mike Armstrong … Nick Hamm Ryland Oehlers

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