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1) Charmer is an American four-piece band from Marquette, Michigan. The band currently consists of David Daignault, Nicholas Erickson, Neil Berg & Zack Alworden. “I’m never getting better” Charmer holler on the opening track of their colossal new self-titled record, and as a snapshot for all that follows it couldn’t be much better articulated. Released today, via No Sleep Records, the new record does allow itself moments of breezy exultation but the majority of it comes buried under cloud, constant admonishments delivered both to the self and the wider world, and all wrapped up within mathy guitars, punctuating percussion, and suitably weighty vocals that split and snarl, while always sounding on the verge of shrinking in on themselves.

2) The shortlived Atlanta based grind outfit Charmer unleashes sheer visceral madness. Trimming down to merely a vocalist, guitarist, and drummer, their sole release has been a self-titled 7" (of which only 150 were pressed and all were sold on Charmer's most recent tour). Due to the damage caused by their furious live shows, the members have done a helluva job keeping their identities more or less a secret, having been known to perform adorned in gas masks and under many different aliases.

Since the band's break-up, guitarist "Emmerson Longfellow" and vocalist "Pelham Winchester" began writing under the guies of End Life (

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