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Cauterize was an Alternative Punk Rock band that was formed in 1998 in Oshawa, Ontario, formerly known as T.O.E. The band initally consisted of Jesse Smith (guitar, lead vocals), Josh Slater (guitar, vocals), Jason Bone (bass, vocals), and Matt Worobec (drums). Chuck Coles (guitar, vocals) was added to the lineup in 2005.

The band signed with US record label Wind-up Records, which released the band's first album: 2003's So Far From Real. The album included the song "Something Beautiful", which was turned into a music video. The singles "Choke" and "Killing Me" were featured in Nintendo GameCube game 1080° Avalanche.

They left Wind-Up Records citing creative differences after the album, not pleased with the direction being forced upon them. On July 22nd of 2005, Cauterize released their second album, Paper Wings, without a label.

Their manager during Paper Wings, Darrin Pfeiffer of Goldfinger, started the label High 4 Records.

As one of the first two bands to be signed to High 4 Records, they released their last album, Disguises, on 12 June 2007. This is mainly a re-release since they’ve re-used most of the songs that were already present on Paper Wings. However, they remastered the tracklist and replaced a few songs with 4 brand new ones: Love in the Attic, Don’t Stop Now, The Devil in Lace and Slivers. The first 2000 people to pre-order received signed copies and the first 500 were sent signed copies of Disguises and a very special EP called Unmasked, which is a mini-album containing acoustic versions of Don’t Stop Now, Minor Key Symphony, My Favorite Patient, Why This Last Dance and Closer - signed as well. The only song to be redone completely on Disguises is Closer, which is shorter and sounds much better, but lacks two lines from the original version (‘You’ll wish you never met me, butterfly… butterfly, float on by me!’) and the extended instrumental part near the end.

During a concert on September 12, 2007 in Ottawa, Cauterize announced they were breaking up; ending their more than ten years together as a band. The band had been scheduled to play on MTV Live in Canada on September 5 and cancelled, which was later found to be due to the decision to break up the band. A formal announcement was posted on the band's message board and website on September 27, 2007. They played their final show together October 19, 2007 in their hometown of Oshawa.

Chuck Coles is currently playing with Brown Brigade, led by former Sum 41 guitarist Dave Baksh. Jesse Smith recently produced the album When We Were Safe by Burlington-based band Sydney, which was released in October 2007.

As of April 2008, the band's website no longer exists.

Official sites:
High 4 Records

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