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There are multiple artists with the name "Casey":

1) Casey were a Welsh band formed in South Wales, United Kingdom in 2014. The band formed shortly after vocalist Tom Weaver and guitarist Liam Torrance left previous projects, Continents and Hot Damn respectively.

Originally formed as a studio band under the name Well Wisher, Weaver and Torrance later recruited Toby Evans, Max Nicolai, and Scott Edwards, and began producing material with the intention of performing live. After a brief hiatus while Weaver auditioned to join the band Northlane, the name Well Wisher was dropped, and the band relaunched under the name Casey. The name is derived from both Weaver's love of the album Casey by The Rise of Science, and also Torrance's tribute to the late Hawthorne Heights guitarist, Casey Calvert.

On December 1st, 2018 the band released a statement explaining that they have decided to disband following a final UK/European tour and a one-off headline show in the US in 2019. Casey's music has been described as "packed to the rafters with emotionally charged guitar lines and captivating, heartfelt lyrics" and "mix of rhythmic atmosphere, spoken word, hardcore guitar and more into the tracks guaranteed to move you and tell you a vivid story.", leading to them being categorized as , , , , and .

2) Casey (real name Cathy Palenne, born june 28, 1975 in Rouen France), is a French rapper. She currently resides in Blanc-Mesnil, Seine-Saint-Denis. Casey claims her rap as being the rap of the sons of immigrants and not French rap. The themes most often addressed in her music are the problems of racism, police violence, as well as France's slavery and colonial past.

Casey has worked with the collective Zone Libre, a rock project that brings together Noir Désir guitarist Serge Teyssot-Gay, Yann Tiersen guitarist Marc Sens and Sloy Cyril Bilbeaud's drummer. Hamé de La Rumeur also collaborates. The album L'angle Mort" was released in 2009 and was followed by a tour of France. Her last album with Zone Librey was Les Contes du chaos.

3) Casey (also known as Casey McQuillen) is a US singer/songwriter guitarist with two EPs: "The You Matter Tour: Live and Acoustic" and "Beautiful".

Top Tracks
1) Teeth
4) Hell
5) Bloom
8) Haze
9) Happy
10) Fade
11) Bruise
13) Sleep
15) Doubt
24) &
25) Wound

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