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With a name like "Carter" one can only think of the success and talent associated with the likes of Jay-Z and Lil' Wayne, both sharing the surname. Curtis William Carter III, the youngest member of the Carter lineage, is definitely paving the way to earn his title. Born in Houston, Texas and more recently residing in Los Angeles, California, Carter knew his destiny was bright the very first day he came to LA and received a call from Lupe fiasco, who invited him to his video shoot, and ended up getting himself an interview on MTV. His interest in music sparked as a young man growing up in Houston. "In Houston, rap is a culture…it was a custom to freestyle over other rappers' beats …You could go anywhere and say "bust a flow" and people would huddle up and just freestyle. It was recreational, boys girls–everybody would get into it. That planted the seeds.." Carter is much more than just an artist, he is a visionary, taste maker, and trendsetter who has come from a diverse background. He has immersed himself in the ever-evolving worlds of fashion and the music business, giving him all the angles he needs to perfect his content. Having seen the music industry from both the artist's side as well as the business aspect, Carter wants to put the artists in charge: "Get the people who need to be in charge in charge, Stop people who don't know enough about something being in control of it—stop the suits!" Listening to his music, it is clear that his influences are vast. He grew up listening to Outkast, UGK, Jay-Z, 3-6 Mafia, Nelly, 2pac. Watching Houston rappers like Chamillionaire and Slim Thug before they were famous, he saw them grow from start to now. It helped him understand different aspects of lyrics and poetry in a way he could understand which made for good reference with his own raps. He is a man who wears many hats and surrounds himself with like-minded, ambitious individuals who have already made a name for themselves. He is involved in all aspects of his music, as he understands what it takes to establish his musical ethos. . "My vision is to promote substance and authenticity through my music to be the voice for the people who relate and believe in me and what I do." "The power is in the people, and if you don't believe in anything else you can believe in me"

Carter is also the moniker of Bristol based electronic musician & home recording artist Neil Carter. Utilizing synthesizers, guitar, tape loops and field recordings Carter looks to create pieces of hazy dream ambient. Awash with electronic warmth, digital noise, tape hiss and sculpted feedback drones. Loops that slowly, patiently evolve and degrade.

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